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How Long are Cosmetics Fresh?

The shelf life of your favorite cosmetics depends on two factors, the period after opening (PAO) and the manufacturing date.

Period after opening: Every product come with their own specific PAO timeframe. Some products are recommended to be used within 6 months, while others stay fresh and effective for up to 24 months after opening. Look for a symbol of an open jar with a number, for example 12M. In this case, the product stays fresh for up to 12 months after opening.

Manufacturing date: If your products are unopened, they typically last for about three years. This is because the sealed product remains protected from the elements and bacteria, keeping them fresh for longer. After this period, you should start looking for signs of expiration, such as a change in smell, color or consistency.

While most products stay fresh for up to 36 months, others can last a lot longer. For example, perfumes can last for five years or longer.

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